Download NSF Converter Software

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Key Features of NSF Conversion

Export Only Selected NSF files

The converter manages to export those NSF files which users have selected. It has filter feature which gives permission to browse and target those NSF files that you want to export.

Highly Compatible

Download the NSF conversion programs on any of your Windows system. It supports all the latest versions of Windows OS including 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. All the Lotus Notes versions are supported by the application. Note: Make sure Lotus Notes is installed during conversion process.

Advanced Customized Data Conversion

This is an advanced converter, enables you to export specific folders from an NSF file. Users can checkmark entire folders of a NSF file or only selected folders. This gives users accurate results which they are expecting.

Accurate Results

Every time users get accurate conversion results. The utility retains all the email components, contacts, notes and other folders of NSF. No data damage is caused due to file size and complexity. It keeps every data intact.

A Simple Application

The NSF file Exporter is a simple program. Users can operate the app with less technical support. The interface is simple, carries a few simple tabs to accurately export NSF data. No further technical help is required to operate the program.

Client Reviews

I am truly satisfied with the NSF Converter. The program enables me to work on two different platforms. Conversion process seems like copy and paste of data. It is so easy.
Our office has successfully switched from Lotus Notes and the credit of this goes to your software and our technical team. The software works so well. All new and archived NSF files were exported with less effort.