We are a highly professional organization and have set some rules and regulations to provide clients’ the best online shopping experience.

Our Privacy Policy gives you a hint of what we collect, why we collect and how we protect. Please feel to go through. As you visit our site and making purchasing from us, it indicates that you follow our Privacy Policy.

What do we collect?

We collect information of our visitors and customers who registered with us. We collect their name, email address and any other personal data which is required for shopping.

For visitor, we collect their IP address to notice how many number of unique visitors visited our site and how many times the existed visitors visited the site.

What is the Purpose of Collecting the Data?

There is nothing which we would like hide. We gather your information for various purposes.

  • For our customers, their collected information is used to send the product
  • We monitor your browsing activities in our site to personalize your experience
  • The site is improved or modified according to your browsing basis
  • We may asks you suggestions for improving our consumer service
  • Your email is utilized to keep you updated with our latest offers, discounts and deals

Note: Please note that each mail of us carry an unsubscribe button. Click on it if you don’t wish to get any further updates from us.

Your Data is Safe with us?

We keep your data intact. We use modern authorized software to prevent accessing from any third person.

Do We Use Cookies?

Yes we use cookies. It is used to monitor activities of your in our site and to understand your needs. It helps to bring improvement in our site functions and services.

Do we disclose your information to third parties?

We keep your data intact. No third party is allowed to access the data till our permission. In case we share our information to our partners, they have to follow the norms set by us. They are not allowed to sell or misuse our client’s information.

Our Authority

We have the authority to make changes in the policy. We can change it without further notice but the changes are made keeping the law in mind.