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Terms and conditions

We have provided you all the information regarding our products but there are some terms and conditions which you need to follow to access our website and products. We have followed the rules and regulations as per the set standards. We also expect from you to respect our terms and conditions.


We provide you the highest security measures to protect your information and the use of our website.

Website content

We have used the content on our site in accordance with the terms of the agreement. All the content/products displayed on the website are protected by and cannot be modified without our permission.


The company’s logo, products,and content are trademarked by the company and misuse of the content is strictly prohibited.


Users are entitled to use any mode for the purchase of your products like valid credit/debit card, andonline banking facilities.


Paid Software is a trademark that is legally protected by law. It may be used only with our prior permission. Without permission, use of the trademark will be considered a violation of the law.


Through E-communication, you can contact us. This is the best and easiest way to communicate with us.

We will inform you or update you about our products through E-communication